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Voters Elect:

Mayor and 6 Council.  Elected at-large.  Mayor has a 4 year term.  Council has staggered 3 year terms.  Partisan.

Organization of Governing Body:

First week in January.


Head of municipal government.  Sees that state laws and borough ordinances are faithfully executed.  Presides over Council.  Votes only to break ties.  Can veto ordinances subject to override by 2/3 majority of Council.  Appoints subordinate officers with Council approval; after 30 days or upon Council disapproval, Council fills posts.


Legislative body of municipality.  Overrides mayor's veto by 2/3 majority of all members.  Confirms mayor's appointments.  Gains appointment power upon failure to confirm mayor's appointee or after office vacant for 30 days.  Has all executive responsibility not placed in office of mayor.


Mayor is head of municipal government and sees that state laws and borough ordinances are faithfully executed.  Council has all executive responsibility not placed in office of mayor.  Council may delegate by ordinance, all or a portion of executive responsibility to an administrator.  Council may adopt an administrative code.